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Season of Joy

Thеу both ѕіghеd softly аѕ they leaned into the kiss, аnd іt grew into a symphony оf раrtіng lірѕ and dаrtіng tongues. His аrm lеft thе bасk оf thе соuсh as he pulled hеr tоwаrd him, while her arms еnсіrсlеd hіѕ nесk and she fеll dеереr іntо hіѕ еmbrасе.

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Her Stolen Grace

Love is strange and happens in some places, The setting of Her Stolen Grace is prison with a near release date. Love is mixed with making adjustments to stages of changes in environment. How friendship becomes something more than friends.

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You Need A Business Plan

Within business a plan is what is needed. Within this book we will highlight business plans will be discussed as to why you need them and the everyday uses of them.

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Starting a Business on a Shoestring Budget

Starting a business is hard and for some it may seem impossible due money that is involved. Even with limited funds this ebook is a simple guide to open your eyes to anything is possible. With direction and planning your dream of becoming a business owner can come to life.

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Success is Possible: A Guide to Success in Business Building

This book will open your mind to success and necessary steps to building your business. Self help starts with you wanting more

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Felon to Homeowner

This is my story of what it took for a convicted felon to become a homeowner. Nobody really knows what it takes for a convicted felon to become an active and productive member in society, now you know

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Reparations the Arguement : History reveals

resources are within this book can be used to transform your life, thus creating a new you. Improving your quality of life for you and your family.

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Making Life Moves: Creating Self

Nobody has the mindset to look deep into the future, making plans for the betterment of ones self. .Within this book it will give the reader some direction through resources.

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Paved Road: An Inmate Blueprint

Paved Road is made with helpful tips that helps those currently incarcerated to develop a release plan. Giving them resources within the Miami-Dade area and Broward County. This blueprint are tools used by the author in order to make a transition and change his life for the better

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